Other Media

Podcast appearances:

The Godzilla Podwar Hour – Episode 37: “House”

Judge John Hodgman – Episode 148: “Science Friction”



GISHES 2013 submissions

The Job Interview (written, directed and edited by Krista Fulton)

“VIDEO: Two people in business suits at a small conference table discussing how fed policy affects mortgage interest rates. Use terms like, “quantitative easing,” “macro economic,” and “private equity.” The conversation must be rife with sexual innuendo.”

Saving A Broken Marriage (written, directed, edited and “starring” Krista Fulton)

“VIDEO: Make a “DIY” (do it yourself) instructional video on how you can repair a damaged marriage using only bubble gum, a stapler, canned peas, dental floss and a hair dryer. Your video must include demonstrations and caution statements.”

Second City Writing Program Sketch Revue

Oh Thank Heaven 9/11″ (written by Krista Fulton)

The Reunion” (written by Krista Fulton)

Second City’s Advanced Sketch-To-Video Program Project

Carlie Conroy Cannot Die – teaser promo


Other people’s videos:

Ghost Chair 3D (feat Krista Fulton as Tracy Summers as Carrie Whitbread)

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