Why White People Suck: Hitler

You know who was one white son of a bitch?



Check out that pale motherfucker. He’s like if snow and paper decided to move to Germany and have a psycho-ass baby together.

Dammit, Hitler. You have made growing up white with German ancestry very difficult and conflicting. Plus there was that whole “ripping Europe apart and murdering millions of people” thing.

Now, if you’re saying, “Krista, white people weren’t responsible for Hitler! He was put in power due to a lot of factors, including social strife, monetary depression, and a leadership vacuum.”

And you know what? Sure, all that contributed. But you know what else contributed? People got on board with the whole “white is right” thing and it ended up with a lot of people dead.

God. And all because he¬†couldn’t paint a fucking still life. How about you get a life, Hitler. Oh wait, you can’t. Because you lit yourself on fire.