Liveblogging Buffy: Season 1, Episodes 10 & 11

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Episode 10: Nightmares

  • 10:30 PM, 4/7/13

I have made an important discovery:

apparently on amazon you can buy 2 lbs of live earthworms

that’s around 1000 earthworms

….which obviously means I could buy 2 lbs of earthworms and anonymously send them to someone

  • 10:32 PM, 4/7/13


why do I get the feeling that this episode is going to freak me out

  • 10:35 PM, 4/7/13

buffy, I feel like you should 100% not be in this sex dungeon


(these dark screencaps look like hot garbage so you’ll just have to trust me: she is totally in a weird sex dungeon)

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